On April 7th, 2018, we will be hosting the 2018 Science Olympiad Enrichment Day (SO-ED) at the University of Chicago main campus. This FREE event will consist of multiple mini-workshops that introduce participants and teachers to the Science Olympiad program and will enrich students’ learning outside the classroom. We will also have workshops where experienced Science Olympiad competitors will provide information and advice to students, parents, and coaches on how to get a Science Olympiad team off the ground and train for success in competitions. We are inviting your school to register students for spots in workshops on the following events and activities:


  • Astronomy
    • Students will learn about astronomical bodies and principles and be exposed to mathematical models that explain phenomena in space
  • Disease Detectives
    • Students will learn about epidemiology, the study of the distributions of diseases within a population, and how to apply mathematical models to quantify outbreaks and determine their cause
  • Experimental Design
    • Students will learn how to design and execute simple but effective experiments using the scientific method provided a set of simple materials and a research topic
  • Write It Do It
    • Students will learn about scientific communication by writing instructions on how to build a simple model made of Legos, blocks, or some other material so that another student, who has not seen the structure, can recreate the model
  • Anatomy Dissection
    • Students will be guided in the dissection of a sheep heart and learn about the anatomy and functioning of the cardiac system. This will be a fun, hands-on and interactive activity.
  • Remote Sensing/Meteorology
    • Students will work on exercises aimed to reveal interesting insight about our climate and atmosphere and to develop physical intuition in earth science. They will be provided with guidance on how to apply basic math and physics to problem solving and will be given resources to further explore this field.

Building Skills

    • Students will learn how to work with craft wood and understand basic engineering principles in order to succeed in the Building Events (e.g. Mousetrap Vehicle, Elastic Powered Glider).

You do not need to have an established Science Olympiad team to attend our workshop. Please feel free to come even if only a few students are interested. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

This workshop will run from 9 am to 3 pm on April 7th with an hour-long break for lunch, which will be provided.

Here is the link to the schedule for the day’s events: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18ddeVYAcIz96AOE5dHja6seijnjo19wBwqIIXupYm_w/edit

Please register by MARCH 16TH.