We are a group of students at the University of Chicago dedicated to increasing scientific participation and diversity through the established Science Olympiad program. We hope to accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Volunteering at nearby invitationals, Regionals, States, and Nationals
  • Hosting our own invitationals
  • Local outreach to the Chicago Public School system

Check out some members of our Eboard below!

Justine Shih
Position: Co-President
High School: Worthington Kilbourne High School (Columbus, OH)
Favorite Events: Forensics, Write It Do It, Experimental Design

Seoho Lee
Position: Co-President
High School:
Favorite Events:

Lisa Lin
High School: Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA)
Favorite Events: Write It Do It, Entomology, Experimental Design

Rachel Gleyzer
Position: Community Outreach Director
High School:
Favorite Events:

Advisory Committee (former leadership)

Stephanie Sang
Position: Graduate Student Advisor (until I finish my PhD…)
High School: Solon High School ’11
Favorite Events: Fossils, Picture This
Contact: stephaniesang@uchicago.edu

Logan Leak
Position: Co-President 2016-2018
High School: Mentor High School (Mentor, OH)
Favorite Events: Entomology, Disease Detectives, Protein Modeling, Mission Possible

Oliver Tsang
Position: Co-president 2016-2018
High School: New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL)
Favorite Events: Astronomy, Compound Machines, It’s About Time, Maglev, Cell Bio

Thank you to these hard-working former Exec Board members!

Jake Walsh
Position: Testing Events Director
High School: Cherry Hill High School East (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Favorite Events: Astronomy, Fossils, Chem Lab

Melis Ozkan
Position: Testing Events Director

Tiffany Suwatthee
Position: Building Events Director
High School: University of Chicago Laboratory High School
Favorite Events: Cell Biology, Bridges, Boomilever, Chemistry Lab, Electric Vehicle

Katya Gozman
Position: Logistics Coordinator
High School: John Hersey High School (Arlington Heights, IL)
Favorite Events: Astronomy, Technical Problem Solving, Dynamic Planet

Rolanda Fu
Position: Logistics Coordinator
High School: Interlake High School (Bellevue, WA)
Favorite Events: Forensics, Write-it-Do-it, Scrambler, Technical Problem Solving

Rachel Brown
Position:  Fundraising Chair
High School: The Prairie School (Racine, WI)
Favorite Events: Invasive Species, Green Generation, Microbe Mission

Matthew Correia
Position: University Liaison
High School: Merrimack High School

WeChat Image_20171112150841
Renyi Tang
Position: Web Master
From: Shanghai, China

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