Oops, we noticed we haven’t put up a blog post in a while! What has happened since October 2017?

January 20, 2018: We held our very first invitational! It was a pleasure to meet all of the students and coaches, and we hope that everyone had a good time. Overall, we had 39 teams attend!


March 10, 2018: We volunteered at the CPS Regionals! We ran Astronomy (C), Disease (B&C), Ecology (B), and Remote Sensing (B).

April 7, 2018: We hosted the Spring SO-ED Workshop! This free workshop day consisted of a series of mini-workshops for Building Skills, Astronomy, Disease Detectives, XPD, Write It Do It, Anatomy, and Remote Sensing/Meteorology.


April 28, 2018: We volunteered at States! We ran Density, Rotor Egg Drop, Experimental Design, and Ecology.

We are looking forward to meeting more of you at our Fall SO-ED 2018 workshop, and we encourage any incoming UChicago first years to join our student organization!

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